Monday, January 14, 2008

SAP for Fresh MBA, Finance Graduates

Sorry to jump in at this point- I personally feel for Deepti (in this case) technical is not the right choice. The reasons are- Having coming from MBA background, i would presume she must be a novice on tech front (programming/any tech), if she has to start NOW, its a long long way to go..factors TIME, EFFORT & COMPETITION.

On functional side- Its easy for her to leverage on the experience and education, and build from there.. I agree its difficult to get in to a live proj. but its not impossible. If I were to suggest, since you have a quite a bit of end-user experience leverage it to your product expertise. Couple with your domain knowledge, try to understand the various business processes and the corresponding solution of SAP. Put your thinking cap on, and try MAP the requirements to SAP module, and identify the GAPs. This process will make, you identifying/suggesting the potential solutions for customizations as well. However it takes time as well, but you dont need to get off-track into tech.

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