Thursday, January 10, 2008

Expecting the Best – and Getting It!

When it comes to abundance and prosperity, expectations are vitally important. By studying the Law of Attraction we understand that we receive exactly what we expect in life. Why is this? How do expectations work with the Law of Attraction?

Your expectation of something is extremely powerful. Everyday you expect fresh running water, you expect transport, you expect your local store to stock an abundance of food. These types of expectations may be common to you, yet in other parts of the world they are not freely available! Your expectation plays a huge part in ensuring that you keep receiving these things.

If you have spent just a little time studying the Law of Attraction then you will know that it is your thoughts and emotions that contain manifesting power. This is because that is all the universe can hear, it doesn’t hear your words or speak our language – but it can interpret the vibration that comes from your thoughts and emotions.

Whatever you vibrate, more of it will be pulled into your reality. If you emit low vibrations like anger, fear, or powerlessness, you will attract experiences that match up to your vibrations. If you emit high vibrations like joy, love, and passion, you will again attract experiences that match up with your vibrations.

Expectation can be likened to a belief, yet it is stronger and more confirmed. A belief is a thought that you keep thinking. An expectation is a thought you keep thinking but also have strong belief that it will occur.

Below you’ll find some simple tips to help you learn to expect the best – and get it!

• First, you must choose to expect the best in every situation. Start to train your mind onto good thoughts only by developing a strong focus and thinking about things that make you happy. Don’t give your attention to anything unwanted. If you catch yourself thinking a thought unwanted, simply shake your head and let the thought dissipate or say out loud ‘switch’ to signify a change is required. Keep saying things like, “I know this is going to work out for the best,” or “I know I will turn this situation to my advantage somehow,” or “I expect the best and the best always comes to me!”

• Avoid negative talk like the plague. By “negative talk” I mean complaining, arguing, being miserable or feeling fearful and powerless – anything that drags down your emotions and contradicts your positive expectations. Limit the amount of time you spend with negative people. Some people are easy to complain with than others, do your best to avoid conversations with these people and spend more time feeling positive and spending your time with positive people.

• Phrase your statements in a positive way that is descriptive of what you want. It is quite easy to recognize what it is that we don’t want, the problem with this is that we have immediate access to that thought in our minds. Instead of using statements that are descriptive of what you don’t want, say what you do want! Instead of saying “This won’t be easy,” say, “I can handle this.” Instead of saying “Don’t slam that door,” say, “Close the door quietly”. Remember, the Law of Attraction doesn’t hear your words, it hears your vibrations. Whatever you give your attention to, you will attract more of.

• KNOW that your expectation will come true. You may wonder how to “know” when you really don’t know yet! If it hasn’t happened yet, how can you be sure it will? This type of knowing is based solely on faith. You must CHOOSE to know. It might take awhile to get comfortable with this, but once you do it becomes a lot easier. In order to really know, you’re going to have to completely banish doubt and disbelief from your mind. When they pop up, simply push them out of your mind and affirm again that you KNOW your expectation will happen. No exceptions. The only way to master this is through practice.

These four simple things can make a world of difference in your ability to attract what you want, and when the manifestations start to happen, you’ll be able to add them to your list of experiences to give you much more faith and confidence to your expectations – which will make them still more effective!

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