Thursday, January 10, 2008

MBA in Information Technology

Students interested in careers in management consultancy, software or database development, enterprise management systems, telecommunication and business analysis must opt for the specialization and will be recognized as having a thorough IT background. IT graduates play essential roles on the business team, typically designing and implementing hardware and software solutions to business problems. They hold professional positions in areas such as client/server or web applications development, systems analysis and network administration. They constitute the important workforce as technical and management professionals in a variety of industries. Students obtaining such a certificate usually acquire positions in the top management consulting firms or as strategic analysts in the transportation, telecommunications, and financial sector.

Graduates are expected to possess the appropriate knowledge, experience and skills to adapt to change in this dynamic field through a lifelong learning process. They are prepared to help shape twenty-first century organizations in a rapidly changing, globally competitive, technologically sophisticated environment. The program is designed to develop a diverse and integrated group of experts armed with the necessary skills for building new entrepreneurial ventures.

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