Thursday, January 10, 2008

MBA in Services

The financial services sector is undergoing profound and rapid change. Organizations require professionals who understand the dynamics of the industry, and the broad direction and implications of the forces of change. Such professionals must have a strong foundation in skills that will be relevant to a critically important and fast-changing industry. These skills include areas such as marketing, strategy, real property development and organizational behavior/industrial relations. They also include finance and financial engineering skills, which are particularly relevant to manage risk in the sector. The program is designed to compliment these skills by providing students with an appreciation of how this important industry sector is changing, and the implications of this change for the application of these skills. The program adds value to students who wish to work in the financial services industry.

The program stresses relevance as well as rigor. To this end, it is committed to developing relationships with firms and senior executives in the financial sector that can provide 'real-world' perspectives on current issues.

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