Sunday, January 13, 2008

MBA - Finance

(Term 3 & 4: April - September)

The aim of the MBA Finance programme is to develop a broad but critical understanding of the major areas of finance and enable the student to apply this theoretical understanding to the practical management of the financial affairs of a business, both domestically and internationally.

Term 3

Financial Risk Strategy:
The module will focus on the application of various financial tools and techniques, such as futures and options, used to man-age financial risks within an organisation. Hence students will cover all the main treasure tools, learn how to apply and evaluate them and devise strategies for dealing with risk.

Corporate Financial Management:
This module aims to provide students with a critical understanding of the strategic relationship and interaction between a firm’s investment, financing and dividend policy decisions within the context of Shareholder Value Analysis. It also considers the agency problems that can arise in these key corporate financial decisions of the firm and how they can be minimised.

International Finance:
This module aims to provide students with an understanding of the development and growth of Multinational Corporations (MNC’s), the issues involved in international finance and investment decisions, and the use of global financial markets. It also considers international cash management and risks in international business operations.

Term 4

Pathway Dissertation:
The dissertation is a major piece of work which demonstrates the student’s ability to qualify for the award of MBA. The study must have a business focus and be appropriate to the student’s pathway. No lectures take place during Term 4, however, you will maintain individual contact with your dissertation supervisor.

MBA Career Enhancement & Planning:
The aim of Career Enhancement & Planning activity is to provide support in relation to addressing the students’ concerns regarding issues relating to the question of What next?, for example: future prospects, career aspirations and further study opportunities.

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