Thursday, January 10, 2008

MBA in Media

This one-of–a kind MBA is geared to professionals already working in media. It was specifically designed to provide graduates with the foundation, skills, and competencies required to both understand and function within the complex legal, ethical, economic, and social dimensions of media management.

Admission to this program requires entering students to have prior media, art or media related business expertise. Students come from a wide array of backgrounds in communication arts; radio; television; film; music; fine arts; gallery and arts administration; museum administration; law; education; business management; marketing; public relations; creative writing; journalism; multimedia; publishing; e-commerce; theatre; dance; and opera.

Each semester combines academic study with actual managerial experience. In the first semester, students focus their efforts on creating a comprehensive business plan for a media-related venture designed to satisfy a need, realize an opportunity, or address a challenge within a given media industry. In the second semester, students implement aspects of their business plans and in the third semester they develop and implement a marketing plan to promote their respective media ventures

Schulich offers Canada’s only MBA with a specialization in arts and media administration. The specialization is suitable for students who have either work experience in the cultural sector or an undergraduate education in areas of the arts such as music, theatre, dance or the visual arts, or areas of the cultural media such as film studies or literary studies. Schulich graduates from the arts and media administration specialization fill such positions as: general manager and marketing and development directors of major performing and visual arts organizations; cultural policy analysts at all levels of government; owners of entrepreneurial endeavors in the cultural sector; and business managers in the film industry.

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